About Me

Please go to the Gallery page to see examples of my work.

The early paintings are of the Medway towns where I met the Medway poets who included among others Billy Childish, Sexton Ming, Charles Thompson , Chris Dyer and the artist Helga Windle.

I have been largely self-taught but was lucky enough to meet and be taught by the late visionary artist Donald Pass I then completed a foundation course at Medway College of Design.

During the early eighties my friend artist, sculptor Stephen Postgate spent some time working together in Wales where we shared his father's cottage in Llandeilo. We painted together sharing ideas, dole cheques, tomato paste flapjacks, beer and canvas.

Later in London we lived in various squats around Westbourne park, Latimere road and Notting Hill Gate. We continued painting large scale canvases using paint taken from skips, powder paint mixed with washing up liquid and sized with wallpaper paste on calico miraculously some of this work has survived and is in remarkably good condition these can be in the Archive section  

In  1991 I met my future wife Amanda Durston while working with people with learning disabilities we lived in the "school house" Hammersmith London where i painted the ceiling of our bedroom this can be seen in the Commisions section.

During this period 1991-2 I completed a mural as a visiting Tutor at Wormwood Scrubs prison I have undertaken various work creating murals with people with artists with learning disabilities.which can be seen in the Commisons section.  From 1996 till 2008 I had painting pictures of a religious subject matter. Since then I have painted numerous paintings of Brighton I also paint portraits, self-portraits animals,houses basically anything animate or inanimate for commisson  

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